Marble round ring ancient greek style-AKROKERAMO



MARMAROMETRY COLLECION…”When Greek marble meets geometry” 
…by Xenia Nefeli Vlachou

Marble of Thassos
The white marble of Thassos has  taken its name from the island Thassos where excavations have taken place since the ancient times.It is mainly a dolomine marble.The white marble of Thassos is known for its whiteness and for the way it reflects on the sunlight.

Marble of Tinos
Green tinted marble in various hues,interrupted by whitish-green to pure white veins or markings. These light-coloured veins are crevices filled with calcite. It is quarried inTinos, at the Axinoi site and in mineralogical teams it belongs to the serpentines which are healing stones


  • Handcrafted in Greece
  • Color: Green,White
  • Material: Tinos Marble,Marble of Thassos
    Sterling silver 925 Gold plated 24K

    -Do not spray perfume directly on metal.
    -Prevent your jewellery from coming into contact with water,lotion and cleaning liquids.
    -Be careful not to knock or hit your jewellery against a solid object.
    -Use a dry soft cotton cloth to clean your jewellery.
    (Use transparent alcohol on cotton to clean the marble part)
    -When not in use protect your jewellery in cotton bags or soft padded jewellery boxes.