Sea salt-salt odyssey

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Color: white-grey

Packaging: Glass jar with extra deep lid 70x70x60mm, 150gr net

Characteristics: All natural, unrefined, without iodine, the purest, the tastiest of all sea salts.

Use:  As finishing salt on salads, potatoes, eggs, among others.

Description:  All natural, unrefined, the purest and tastier of all sea salts. Ancient Greeks called it “ANTHOS ALATOS” hence the name Fleur De Sel.

Skimmed off by hand from the salt ponds of Messolonghi – an unpolluted area environmentally protected by the Ramsar Treaty- this luxurious, clean-tasting crystals surprise chefs and food professionals.

With its velvety flavor and moist texture, it will work miracles as finishing salt on meat, salads, potatoes, eggs, vegetables, among others.

Awards: OLYMP 2016 Silver, GREAT TASTE 2020 1 star