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“Decorative Puzzle of Greek Animals”
A high quality, environmentally friendly handmade collectible puzzle that will excite you with its exceptional craftsmanship and originality.
It consists of 2 unique pieces
(cm) 11.2 (height) x 10.6 (length) x 7.2 (thickness)
– FSC Beech Wood certification of European origin
– Environmentally friendly water based paints, certified EN / 71.3
– Eco-friendly varnish with chalk, certified EN / 71.3
– Water-based protection varnish, certified EN / 71.3
– Handmade in Greece, EU
One of the most iconic and famous symbols of the Greek tradition, the Greek donkey is transformed into a modern decorative puzzle while maintaining the simplicity and liveliness that characterizes this beautiful animal.
Place the Greek donkey as a special decorative object or give it to your little friends giving them the opportunity to learn while playing (recommended for children over 3 years old).
The packaging is from a recyclable cardboard box with a discreet appearance of the contents, making it a very beautiful gift offer.