The legendary Troy Puzzle

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Product: The legendary Troy Puzzle



What if beautiful Helen made 2 kingdoms fight for her beauty? What if the Trojan castle was considered to be impregnable and no one believed that the Greeks could enter? The wit of the resourcefull Odysseus, helped the Greeks to built the Trojan hourse and pass secretly the gates of Troy, ending up Victorious after a siege of 10 years.

That mythical moment that the Greeks enter secretly with the Trojan horse into the city has ‘captured’ the ‘lense’ of My Greek Games and gave them an amazing moment in mythological history. Seizing this opportunity, My Greek Games created a jigsaw puzzle so they could share the ‘news’ with the world.


Dimensions: 28 x 75 cm

Players: 1+

Ages: 5+

Pieces : 80