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Product: Zeus


Handmade silver 925 pendant (1.2 X 1.5 cm). Comes with a 40cm sterling silver pave chain with a 3cm extension. The symbol of the god Zeus is perforated on the locket with the precision of a laser cutting machine.

• We remove the pendant from us when we put on cosmetics or our perfume, to avoid spots and changes in their appearance.
• We don’t wear them when we do sports or other tasks that can strain them and cause bumps.
• We do not wear them in the bathroom and especially in the sea, if we want them to retain their color and shine.
• When we are not wearing our jewelry, we store it in its case and never together with other jewelry, so that no marks or scratches are created.
• Clean them by gently rubbing them with a soft cloth.
• Every time we take out our pendant and before storing it back in its case, we return the adjustable clasp to the base of the cords, close to the jewelry and straighten the cords. This way it won’t twist our pendant.

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