Oval Dangling Earrings

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Product: Oval Dangling Earrings


The special texture of fragments of semi-precious stones and terrazzo, combined with the oval shape that reveals harmony, result in not only an elegant appearance but also a unique character.


  • Designer: Giorgos Giannoutsos.
  • Materials: 24K Gold Plated Silver 925, Silver 925, Terazzo.
  • Available colors: White
  • Dimensions: 13mm x 5mm
  • Weight (pair): 3.5gr


  • We store the jewelry, when not wearing it, in its original packaging or in other cases so as to protect it from knocks, bright light and wind.
  • We wear jewelry after we have applied cosmetics to our body, such as perfume, creams, nail polish, etc.
  • When we soap our hands, take a bath or wash the dishes we remove the jewelry from our body.
  • We also remove jewelry when we exercise, swim, or sleep.
  • Washing with a very thick soda solution and light rubbing with a soft brush (eg a toothbrush) freshens the surface of the jewelry and removes stains and light oxidation.
  • For a more aggressive treatment of oxidation, special chemical liquids are available on the market for cleaning silverware. (Do not use these liquids on gold-plated jewelry, it will damage the gold plating).



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