Aromatic space with Sticks

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Product: Aromatic space with Sticks


Room fragrances with bamboo sticks (reed diffuser) in a glass jar, which will give generously unique fragrances to your space. The design gives them a touch of luxury and their aroma creates a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, making them the perfect addition to any room. You can choose the intensity of the perfume from the amount of sticks that you will place or you can often turn them over for extra smell. Natural bamboo sticks allow the fragrance to diffuse evenly. Our space aromatics are handmade and consist of herbal aroma solvent from soy and high quality aromatic oils making them last longer.

Duration: 4-5 months
– Without alcohol
– Vegan & cruelty free
– Content 100ml

Available in three fragrances: Baby Powder, Orchidea, Peony Swede

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